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Course registration

for Research Master students, PhD students and external participants

All regular courses are taught in blocks of eight weeks, with lectures during the first six (core courses) or seven weeks; the eighth week of each block typically serves as an exam week. In addition, first-year (core) courses have weekly one-hour classes, taught by a teaching assistant, in which students work on and discuss homework assignments.

 The calendar for 2022-2023 is:
Block 0 Aug 22-26 Lectures
Block I Aug 29–Oct 14 Lectures
  Oct 17-21 Exams
Block II Oct 24-Dec 9 Lectures
  Dec 12-16 Exams
  Dec 19- Jan 1 Christmas Holidays
Block III Jan 2 -Feb 17 Lectures
  Feb 20-24 Exams
Block IV Feb 27-Apr 14 Lectures
  Apr 17-21 Exams
 Block V Apr 24-28 Spring Break
  May 1-Jul 14 Lectures and Exams

 Deadline for registration is three weeks before the start of the block in which the course is scheduled. Deadline for courses scheduled in block I: August 15.


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